Multi-Column ‘Newspaper-like’ Layouts Using CSS

Strangely, considering I’ve been doing web geekery for quite a few years, I’ve never yet needed to work out how to display long globs of content in a multi-column format similar to how a newspaper or magazine might do it.  Today I got my first taste of this and I have to say I was surprised how easy it was, and how much nicer it is to read a long article when it’s split into narrower columns that you can read without having to move your head, or even your eyes much.

I started with Prof. Google who showed me this article on using multi-column layouts from I also found this excellent article on A List Apart: Introducing the CSS3 Multi-Column Module. Well-armed, I began hacking – and ended up only needing a handful of lines of CSS in order to get it working exactly as I wanted it to! Ah! So nice when technology cooperates with you and you don’t have to dig trenches and battle it out for hours to understand how to implement something!