Cafe Racer

No, not the motorbike.  I’ve never been much of a machine rider.  Unless you count computers or audio systems.  Or robot rickshaws.  Okay, I’ve never ridden in a robot riskshaw, but why aren’t they everywhere, google car people?

I’m not sure why my brain doesn’t want to apply some types of  knowledge it already possesses and apply it to things like fixing a car or making a solar powered 3d printer only from duck bones and clay putty – no pins or nails.   Nope, sometimes when trying to attempt something new, brain says, ‘er…does not compute…’ when I try to apply what I know about systems, in general, to something that is also a system but is just not the same type of system…Gretzky brain says, ‘ denied’.   Sometimes the brain defies logic, however.  On occasion it surprises me when my brain says ‘Oh, right, I know how to do that, watch me execute!’ while doing something I’ve never tried before.  Sometimes there’s a shortcut that uses some neural pathways that are already well-established – or maybe uses its own intuited path newly created just for this particular execution.  Whichever way it happens, I’m happy to capitalize on it.  Wish it would happen more!  Here’s to aligning ones lifestyle and imbibing chemicals that facilitate the process of making those connections, clink!