Some Voiceover Samples

Here are some examples of some of the VO work I did while I was working for Comcast.

While at Earthling Interactive…

During my 6 year tenure as a developer for Earthling Interactive, I got to work with a wide array of technologies, clients, and super-smart peers! What an experience. I thought I would just list some of the clients/project types I worked on as an Earthling developer. This is only a subset of *all* of the clients and projects I worked on while under their employ, but you get the idea: they were many and diverse!


Within one hour of joining the eugene tech slack workspace, I connected with a gentleman who happened to have a spare set of the Drumpants PRO kit, which is no longer being produced. He met up with me at Whirled Pies and handed me the box of goodies! I could not wait to get home and try it out!

Playing with this product inspired me to order an arduino uno + midi shield and some piezos so I can wire up some midi triggers of my own – you know, for science! And for my 8yo daughter who says she wants to be able to make her own beats *while* she dances…

More later…

Multi-Column ‘Newspaper-like’ Layouts Using CSS

Strangely, considering I’ve been doing web geekery for quite a few years, I’ve never yet needed to work out how to display long globs of content in a multi-column format similar to how a newspaper or magazine might do it.  Today I got my first taste of this and I have to say I was surprised how easy it was, and how much nicer it is to read a long article when it’s split into narrower columns that you can read without having to move your head, or even your eyes much.

I started with Prof. Google who showed me this article on using multi-column layouts from I also found this excellent article on A List Apart: Introducing the CSS3 Multi-Column Module. Well-armed, I began hacking – and ended up only needing a handful of lines of CSS in order to get it working exactly as I wanted it to! Ah! So nice when technology cooperates with you and you don’t have to dig trenches and battle it out for hours to understand how to implement something!

Cafe Racer

No, not the motorbike.  I’ve never been much of a machine rider.  Unless you count computers or audio systems.  Or robot rickshaws.  Okay, I’ve never ridden in a robot riskshaw, but why aren’t they everywhere, google car people?

I’m not sure why my brain doesn’t want to apply some types of  knowledge it already possesses and apply it to things like fixing a car or making a solar powered 3d printer only from duck bones and clay putty – no pins or nails.   Nope, sometimes when trying to attempt something new, brain says, ‘er…does not compute…’ when I try to apply what I know about systems, in general, to something that is also a system but is just not the same type of system…Gretzky brain says, ‘ denied’.   Sometimes the brain defies logic, however.  On occasion it surprises me when my brain says ‘Oh, right, I know how to do that, watch me execute!’ while doing something I’ve never tried before.  Sometimes there’s a shortcut that uses some neural pathways that are already well-established – or maybe uses its own intuited path newly created just for this particular execution.  Whichever way it happens, I’m happy to capitalize on it.  Wish it would happen more!  Here’s to aligning ones lifestyle and imbibing chemicals that facilitate the process of making those connections, clink!



Why I’m Here

Tired of bombardments of awesomesauce-laden, thoughtfully curated lists/sites/threads/feeds related to Web Geekery (which is my current “gainful employment” method), I thought I should start collecting my own thoughts and tidbits that I run across, for fun and profit.  Mostly fun.  Just ‘cuz.

This leads us to this moment where I consider and ‘pen’ this post on a fresh wordpress installation and/or where you happen to be reading this post.  It’s you who I hope to provide some of the following, at least one, but likely a couple at a time:

1. Levity

2. Usable Information

3. Less Useful Information

4. Useless information.

I’m fairly certain I can succeed in at least one of the above.  😛