Multi-Column ‘Newspaper-like’ Layouts Using CSS

Strangely, considering I’ve been doing web geekery for quite a few years, I’ve never yet needed to work out how to display long globs of content in a multi-column format similar to how a newspaper or magazine might do it.  Today I got my first taste of this and I have to say I was […]

Cafe Racer

No, not the motorbike.  I’ve never been much of a machine rider.  Unless you count computers or audio systems.  Or robot rickshaws.  Okay, I’ve never ridden in a robot riskshaw, but why aren’t they everywhere, google car people? I’m not sure why my brain doesn’t want to apply some types of  knowledge it already possesses and […]

Why I’m Here

Tired of bombardments of awesomesauce-laden, thoughtfully curated lists/sites/threads/feeds related to Web Geekery (which is my current “gainful employment” method), I thought I should start collecting my own thoughts and tidbits that I run across, for fun and profit.  Mostly fun.  Just ‘cuz. This leads us to this moment where I consider and ‘pen’ this post […]